Local & Sustainable

We’re Local, Sustainable, Socially Responsible—and Family-Owned.
It’s more than recycling bottles or donating kegs to a fundraiser. It’s the core of who we are—and we’re serious about it.

Owners Ben and Dawnya believe true sustainability starts with sustaining the health of a community—enriching the lives of our friends and neighbors. It’s about jobs, resources and collaboration supporting our environmental and human capital, and it’s a two—sometimes three—way street. Working across fields, streams and small towns to enhance a region that's already growing and prospering. This is why we've chosen to source as many ingredients that go into our brew kettle from as close to our brewery as possible, and to brew that beer from our home in the heart of Saxapahaw—it’s what’s really important to us, the core of what makes Haw River Farmhouse Ales what it is.

We're working to contribute to this organic network of resources by thinking beyond our own beer brewing needs, connecting people and businesses to build a vast community of resources. That's the true definition of sustainability, and something we strive to achieve every day when we walk through the door.

From helping feed families to relaxing with a pint after work, quality of life is what it’s all about. Ben and Dawnya believe businesses should elevate every member of a community through productive contributions like sourcing and buying local ingredients, trading services, and supporting great causes just down the road. Traditional practices, such as donating our spent grain to local farmers, capturing and reusing CO2 from our fermentation vessels, and using solar energy to partially heat our brewing water are also important, of course, but sometimes, it’s as simple as pouring someone a delicious, locally-made craft beer for a hard-working member of our community.

And through efforts like our Farmhand Exchange program, we’re working to make this happen. We’re planning some creative side-project brews that will support non-profit charities around our local area and the state, like donating 1% of our annual profits to help protect our rivers and waterways (more info on these efforts soon—check back once we open our doors!)