Seasonals & Sours

Part of sourcing locally means we try to only bring you our special beers when the key ingredients are freshly harvested, usually from folks we know on a first-name basis. Cherries, figs, pecans... well, they just plain taste better when they're picked in season and used the day they're harvested. And that’s when we like to use them. To us, that’s just good common sense... the finished beer seems to like it better, too.

We're always working on something new, but you can find a few of our favorites below. And if you'd like to know more about how we use locally-grown ingredients to produce some of our special Belgian-style beers and sour ales, take a look at our Farmhand Exchange program, the goal of which is to source as many ingredients as possible from farms and gardens within 100 miles of our brewery in Saxapahaw.


Subtly spiced with just a hint of toasted malt, our take on a "pumpkin beer" is brewed on the first crisp day of autumn each year, when the winter squash season has just started its peak. Over 300 pounds of locally-grown Cinderella pumpkins, squash & sweet potatoes from our friends at Bushy Tail Farm across the river here in Saxapahaw are slow roasted for each batch. (available Oct thru Feb)

ABV { 6.8%
IBU { 12

Sun Hands Summer Golden

Layers of floral American hops weave throughout each sip of this Belgian classic. Fermented with our house Abbey yeast strain and dry-hopped with a melange of American and Southern Hemisphere hops, Sun Hands is a surprising take on a trappist classic for those days you in search of a dry, floral summer refresher with a little more "oomph". (available April thru August)

ABV { 10.0%
IBU { 42

Little Wooden Leg

A petite sour ale with a lofty personality, Little Wooden Leg is our take on a sour session ale, aged in clean American oak and infused with layers of fresh, sweet figs from our friends at Bluebird Hill Farm, all wrapped up in a clean, crisp pucker you can pour a second glass of on a hot summer day. (available April thru September)

ABV { 4.8%
IBU { 24

Darius the Giant

Aged for 12 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels on 50 pounds per barrel of whole Michigan Balaton tart cherries, our sour Flanders Red is a layered experience of tart dark fruit and vanilla-laced boozy oak. It's an unblended rabbit punch to the taste buds you'll want to savor forever.

ABV { 7.4%
IBU { 11

Wild Rye in Black

A winter farmhouse ale brewed with Saxapahaw figs, Alamance County honey, fresh rosemary sprigs and an aged balsamic reduction, then fermented with both traditional Belgian yeasts and Brettanomyces for a medium-bodied, funky finish. Our take on a "black saison" is a tart, rich, layered experience of vinous dark fruit & herbal aromatics that still finishes dry & crisp on your palate.

ABV { 7.2%
IBU { 21

Vuilbaard (Dirty Beard)

Our sour-tart Flanders Oude Bruin, aged in French oak barrels and dry-hopped with citrusy American hops, is a little malt-toasty with a fruity, tart finish, with added complexity from the earthy tannins in the oak and a subtle citrus-pine nose from dry-hopping with a few pounds per barrel of whole cone Amarillo & Simcoe hops. This one's gotta be experienced to be appreciated.

ABV { 5.8%
IBU { 15