Wild Yeast

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posted by: Dawnya Bohager

Hey Homebrewers! Let's Get Wild!

As many of our friends and followers know, we've recently collected, isolated and banked our very own native yeast strain from right here in Saxapahaw, and we've been letting it stretch its legs in a few internal test batches we've brewed, as well as a commercial beer called Little Miss NC that we recently collaborated on with Trophy Brewing Company.

So far, we've been thrilled with how our little Saxapahaw yeast strain has performed. It's played wonderfully in test batches of a Belgian Blonde, a Saison and a Belgian-style Tripel that we've brewed here. If we give it the right malt bill, it flocculates beautifully, leaving a crystal clear beer after about 20-30 days (although it finishes out a ~1.060 wort in about half that time). Again, assuming we want it to, it can attenuate at room temperature quite easily, leaving a clean, crisp, dry beer.

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posted by: Ben Woodward

The Beast from the Yeast Bears Fruit!

We know it's been a long time in the works, but after several months of having a smarter, more scientifically trained friend of ours help clean up and isolate viable strains from within the miasma of critters we collected here in Saxapahaw last February (of which we posted a follow-up a few months later), we're finally ready to update everyone on some of the (so far, at least) rewarding results of our wild yeast collection project.

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