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posted by: Ben Woodward

The Ins & Outs of Our Kickstarter Campaign

You may have recently noticed that we’ve launched a campaign to raise funds for adding some unique equipment to the brewery on Kickstarter. The short and skinny of it is—we’d love to make our brewery a more sustainable venture and we'd like you to play a key role in making that happen. is our chosen platform, and they’ve been great to work with. But they have rules & guidelines in place that don't exactly allow us to include a few things the way we intended, which might warrant a bit more explanation. Thought it made sense to add a little more detail on our own website. :)

Rewards that include food also include beer tastings. Kickstarter will no longer allow any mention of beer as a reward…. tasting beer, selling bottles, promising a pint, thinking about beer….all off the table for inclusion in our description (well, the last one, maybe not). Within our reward level descriptions, if we state that we will "share some meat & cheese" with you in the tasting room, don’t worry—we’ll be happy to have you wash it down with some beer tastings and samples. If you "receive VIP status in our tasting room", beer is likely involved as well. If we’re "hosting a dinner for you" in Saxapahaw, the "line-up” that's listed in the description probably includes beer.

• Cock’s Crow Club: More than just a glass and a t-shirt! Several of you may be wondering, “Why so vague?!?!” on the description for the reward level that includes the Cock’s Crow T-shirt & Glassware. It IS, in fact, a club membership—although that designation couldn't be included in the actual campaign description: Kickstarter has recently removed the option of including any type of membership as a campaign reward. But we thought this was such a cool reward, we decided to get a bit creative with the description and offer them to all of you (revised with the blessing of the Kickstarter folks). So without much further ado, here is the reward description as it was intended and as it will be received should you choose this reward level:

Add-on Bonus Reward: One-Year Membership to our Cock's Crow Club. As a first-year member of our "early bird” club, you’ll receive early access to our event tickets, early access to commercial bottle releases, exclusive access (as in, ain't no one else getting their hands on these bottles) to 375mL hand-bottled test batch releases from our pilot system, a one-of-a-kind, specially designed Cock's Crow t-shirt & glassware, right of first refusal on renewal for Year Two, and priority placement if and when the Club evolves into our annual Reserve Club (once we're up and running and have proven our worth over a couple years). We'll open up more Cock's Crow memberships to Kickstarter donors at a slightly higher price when this first batch of 25 sell out, so if you want to be a Cock's Crow member, grab one now—early bird gets the good stuff! Let us know what questions you have—this one should be a lot of fun!

Note to existing Barn Raisers: If your Barn Raiser package included a Founders membership (ie: you reserved a Founder or Premium package and received an actual membership card), you'll be grandfathered into the Cock's Crow Club from the start automatically! Thanks for your understanding and patience while we work through all these preliminary plans and make changes to ideas we have. Got an email coming your way with more details soon!

• To stack or not to stack. We have tried to provide enough leeway in the reward levels to give donors some flexibility, so they get exactly what they want. At the same time, Kickstarter is not set up to allow "menu-style" ordering so folks can pick and choose from a few levels. So we've tried to organize our rewards levels to fall into one of two categories: LEVEL # rewards and ADD-ON BONUS rewards. Rewards with the level designation are stacking—meaning that if you select the Level 7 reward, you get that specific item, as well as each of the LEVEL # items below that price point. Rewards with the ADD-ON BONUS designation do not stack—if you select one of those levels, you are purchasing just that single reward. You can mix a LEVEL # with an ADD-ON BONUS by simply pledging the sum of the items that you’d like to get—should our campaign become a success, we’ll send a survey to everyone to make sure that we know which specific rewards were included in your pledge. Still a little unclear? Feel free to contact us with any specific questions that you might have—we know stuff (most of the time) and are happy to help!

• The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! You might notice that the timeline for delivery of our rewards falls some time next spring. "But wait..." (you say) " I'd love to give [fill in friend or family member here] one of those really sweet [fill in awesome Haw River swag here] for Christmas this year!" We've got you covered! When the campaign wraps up at the end of the first week of December, anyone who plans to give a reward as a holiday gift can opt to receive a special card (with art by super-illustrator Nathan Golub) with a reward level details and a flattering description of what makes you such an awesome friend! We'll send the cards out within a couple days of the campaign ending, so you should have it in plenty of time for your favorite holiday! 

If there are any other vagaries in our descriptions or the campaign process itself, just send us a quick email and we'll get you back as quickly as we can!

And as always, we appreciate your support, friendship, sharing, assistance and all the kind words we've received so far (…as well as constructive criticisms and general complaints, to be completely honest). Let’s build a better brewery together!