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posted by: Ben Woodward

Delivery Driver for Haw River Farmhouse Ales!

We're looking for a hard-working full-timer who’s ready to get a few callouses on his or her hands and learn what it means to work at a small, family-run brewery. Haw River Farmhouse Ales is currently in need of a delivery driver/line cleaner to drive a company vehicle and deliver kegs (and soon cases of bottles) to accounts in the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte regions of NC each week. Ideally, we’re looking at scheduled deliveries four days per week, although that’s an estimate and may change, depending on all kinds of things. You’ll be responsible for delivery of our beer and line cleaning duties for all accounts. This is currently a 4-day/week job, but may evolve as our account base grows. Aside from being on the road, there’s certainly room for growth within the production facility itself and possible tasting room shifts available as well for extra money.

The ideal candidate for this position has a passion for well-made craft beer and knows how to talk to our customers about what we’re doing, is someone with superhuman strength who can haul 160+ pound kegs with ease, someone who enjoys spending hours on the road and is an early riser, someone who is eager to learn the inner goings-on of a production facility (i.e.: someone who likes to clean and move heavy things), someone who has a fairly flexible schedule and is eager to work within the often-changing demands of a young brewery, someone who isn’t above staying a little late every once in awhile or taking a weekend or tasting room shift when needed, someone who’s eager to learn as much as he or she can about the glamorous world of professional brewing, someone with a positive attitude and an attention to detail, and someone who enjoys and appreciates the rewarding challenge of working with a small team of enthusiastic people. 

Gotta have a clean driving record for the past few years (from an “alcohol” perspective… that speeding ticket from 3 years ago isn’t the end of the world) and a valid NC driver license. And make sure you include a cover letter with your resume that details why you think you’d be a good fit for this position—anyone who misses this detail, we’ll assume you haven’t read all the way through this job description, which doesn’t really start us off on the right foot. :)

Shoot us an email at with your cover letter & resume attached and we’ll get you back soon as we’re able. Thanks!