Haw River Farmhouse Store: Men's Brewer's Work Shirt

Men's Brewer's Work Shirt


Ever wanted to make beer for a living? This is pretty much the next best thing, but without the 14 hour days and back-breaking cleaning regimen: An authentic Dickie's brand Haw River Farmhouse Ales work shirt! Screenprinted on the back with our embroidered logo on the front left pocket, this thing is even fancier in person than it looks on your little computer screen. Also available in Women's cuts (which are a slightly lighter grey color).

(More info we just lifted from the Dickie's site: Lined two-piece collar w/ permanent stays, button front shirt; one snap closure at neck, mitered front pockets with pencil division on left pocket, Dickies logo on left pocket & bottom of button placket, fade resistant)